Redfeather Healing Arts Center

Shamanism is one of the oldest types of healing modalities known to humankind. The word "shamanism" means "to know" and "to see". What the shaman sees and knows about is the energy body, how it influences us and how it manifests within our reality. When we are out of balance due to false beliefs and heavy accumulated energies from childhood traumas and experiences, we feel physical and emotional discomfort, vulnerability, and disconnect. Over time this can lead to the loss of our direction and passion for life and/or dis-ease. Shamanism treats all levels; the mental,emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual. With Shamanic healing work, the Root cause of an issue, not just the symptoms are addressed, restoring you back into alignment and wellness. With a shamanic Light-Body Healing, Raven Marie will remove the imprints of old limiting beliefs and traumas from the Luminous Energy Body ( LEB ).  This frees you to step unburdened into your life-purpose. No longer struggling through life but Now Thriving in Passion and Joy!