Redfeather Healing Arts Center

 I have worked with several shamanic practitioners.  I really appreciate Marie Redfeather's approach to this sacred work.  Marie dedicates several hours to a healing session, far surpassing the usual contemporary session of 1 1/2 hours.  This allows for a greater depth of processing.  She is warm, caring and authentic.  I really feel cared for when I work with Marie.  The follow-up work she suggests proves really fruitful when I wholeheartedly give myself to it.  I appreciate having something to do to bring the energetic shifts, which happen during the session, into my daily physical reality.  I highly recommend Marie Redfeather to anyone seeking an authentic and powerful shamanic healing experience.


Jennifer Craig - Durango, CO

"Marie Redfeather has enhanced my life in so many ways. She provided the supportive healing environment for my soul to heal. With her assistance, I felt more and more confident to dive into the depths to retrieve power and my love of life. Learning to embrace the challenge of the path of mastery has allowed me to live my life fully self-expressed. Marie has been there for me at crucial moments in my healing, and also as an angel during some of the most beautiful moments of my life. From Soul Retrievals to Wedding Ceremonies and Reiki Sessions, Marie brings love and healing to all she does. Thank You Marie! Love Willow"

Willow Rockwell is a World Cup Champion MT.Bike Racer and Author of "My Wheels Gave me Wings"

"Marie Redfeather played a pivotal role in recovering and releasing early childhood trauma that I had completely buried within my body. She is a First Nations, French-Canadian descent initiate of Peruvian shamanism. Through her expertise, and sensitivity, to what was seeking to surface during our counseling sessions and ceremonies together, we rediscovered a series of medical crises that had crippled me throughout my life....."

John Jay Harper - clinical hypnotherapist,medical research scientist and author of such books as "Tranceformers Shamans of the 21st Century"

"Marie's Shamanic and Reiki classes are much more than just techniques and theories; they are about embodied experiences and your own connection with the energetic realms. Marie's healing power is deeply rooted in the wisdom of the ancient traditions. My work with Marie has assisted me in awakening to my authentic path. Thank you Marie."

Adrien Duvillard Jr. - French Olympic Alpine Skier

"Marie's "Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counseling" cleansed my Spirit, retrieved my Soul, revived my passions and provided the self respect and direction to follow my dreams....... "

David - Journalist

Marie is phenomenal. This is really sacred work.  I highly recommend her!

Sara VonderHaar Papathakis 

Marie is such a fine shamanic practitioner. I have had atleast half a dozen healing sessions in the last few years and I highly recommend her!

Derek Van Atta